Consulting Experience

Part Time CFO - Consultant leading to renewed credit facility
Contract CFO in the healthcare industry for a client faced with poor credit relationships with its lead bank.  Working with existing staff, assessed quality of records, leading to credible relationship with bank.  Completed basic financial modeling for predictive cash flow tools with three year outlook, and rolling 12 month outlook.  Redeveloped bank relationship and doubled available credit line.  Based on new liquidity, arranged workout payments with key vendors, leading the company to improved financial position.  Assisted in a bolt on acquisition and brought the business to a position leading to a successful exit to a strategic buyer.

Valuation Assignments
Provided valuation conclusions regarding:
  • Real Estate Family Limited Partnership
  • Proprietary Design and Mapping Service
  • Durable Consumer Products
  • Automobile Dealers
  • Commercial Construction - Hospitality and Retail Space
  • Steel Fabrication, Process Manufacturing Supply, and Mining Supply Businesses
  • Dental Practice
  • Veterinary Practice
  • Physician Practices - Gastroenterology and Physician Assistant Practices
  • Building Materials
  • Acquired Intangibles, including Trade Name, Customer Lists and Proprietary Software
The purpose of valuations includes from tax/estate related, shareholder buy/sell, partnership shareholders or family dispute resolution.

Expert Witness - Valuation
Appointed as Expert Witness In a Tennessee & Virginia Cases including some listed above.
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Management & Advisory
Served as Ch 11 Trustee for a case in the hospitality industry.  

Served as Bankruptcy Trustee for a case involving a network of businesses in the tobacco industry, including farming and wholesale, and equipment support businesses.  Experience in evaluating, reporting  and litigating Section 548 fraudulent transfers, forensic accounting - reconstruction of transactions, and implementation of financial controls.  Converted to Chapter 7, case involves multiple Adversary Proceedings.
Previously served as a Chapter 11 Trustee for a Debtor within a corporate network having international manufacturing operations.   Case centered on damages resulting from a patent infringement judgment, since vacated upon appeal.  A Debtor Plan of Reorganization was confirmed including a 100% distribution plan to general unsecured creditors.
Previously served as a Company Debtor in Possession, in the healthcare industry.  Approximately 90 days into a full time assignment, determined the client financial position was insolvent,and beyond workout status.  Filed Chapter 11 and represented the Company as Debtor in Possession in Federal Bankruptcy Court.   The Company had engaged in a overzealous growth strategy leading to a $1 million per month net cash outlay.  Together with the help of the new General Manager, executed a plan to return the business to its core markets, stabilized cash flow within 6 months, renegotiated key post-petition supply and customer contracts.  Under supervision of a Trustee, developed a roadshow and generated a vibrant business auction leading to a Section 363 sale, resulting in a 65 cent return to general unsecured creditors.  Resolved approximately 250 unsecured claims, 30 executory contracts (real and personal property leases) and 50 preference actions.  Maintained calculations for four distributions to unsecured creditors, Monthly Operating Reports, tax coordination, through to Final Decree.  Assisted in preparation of Disclosure Statement and Plan of Liquidation.  Testimony in Creditor Meetings, Court Updates, DIP Financing Petitions, Contested Matters, Hearings, and Rule 2004 Deposition.
Expert Witness - Personal Damages
Appointed as Expert Witness in a Tennessee wrongful death case, providing a damages conclusion for Plaintiffs relative to an infant.  .
Consulting Expert - Business Damages
Provided Expert testimony in a Tennessee Partnership Dissolution and lost profits case in the healthcare industry.

Retained by Defendant, evaluated the demunition in value and lost profits claims by defendant, provided written critique of plaintiff report leading to settlement.
Retained by Defendant, determined that personal injury / lost profits claims for a proprietorship were based upon exaggerated "but for" "before" business income, when in fact the business was operating at a cash loss, leading to settlement.